Locomotive components

Solvents and Metals Inc (SMI) has been providing the Locomotive industry with RTO components and cores since 2004. We pride our selves on providing superior service and standing behind every product that we sell!

We have a Large Inventory of Locomotive Components in stock and ready to ship

EMD Engines:16-567 c, 16-645-E3B, 12-567-C, 12-645-E, 8-645- E3

GE Engine: 7FDL12, 7FDL16

EMD Traction motors: D77, D78, D87

GE Traction Motors  752 E8, 731, 761

EMD Generators D4, D12, D15, D22, D32, AR10

GE Generators  5GTA11, 5GTA17,5GtA24, 581

RTO Units Can be rebuilt upon request.